Angry Ass Solutions

Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions

(the lawyer made us)

All sales fall under the standard terms and conditions outlined in these words. Any modifications to these standard terms must be approved in writing by Angry Ass Limited, LLC. (Angry Ass Solutions).


Angry Ass Limited reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice (this will only happen in case of errors).


Orders consisting of all in-stock items typically ship within two business days (Mon-thru-Sat). We will be in contact if for some reason, shipping window lengthens.  Orders cannot currently be placed for out-of-stock item(s); please shoot us an email, and an Angry Ass rep will contact the customer to offer condolences/give an estimated re-stocking and shipping date.

Order Tracking

Once we fulfill your order, use the standard online tracking services (typically it will be USPS or FedEx).

If you have any trouble tracking your package (which probably means Brent fat-fingered the tracking number), or have questions about a back-ordered product, you can email us at or leave us a voicemail at: 303-718-6874 or 719-640-8573

Placing an Order

Order online via secure checkout, using your credit card, PayPal, etc.  Angry Ass Solutions does not ship to PO boxes!

Alternatively, shoot us an email and we can send a PayPal invoice just as easily.

When will my credit card/account be charged?

Angry Ass Solutions utilizes Stripe, a Squarespace-approved payment clearing house, and PayPal.  You cannot order out-of-stock products, so in both cases your money comes out immediately.  We can easily refund partially or in full, and revise orders as needed – just ask.

Cancelling An Order

Aw, don’t do that.  But an order can be easily cancelled at any time prior to shipment by sending us an email at

Out-of-Stock Products

Our goal is to stack as many popular products on the shelf as possible. Someday, we may even have shelves.  However, there are times when we need to produce more products before we can sell more. Contact us, and we’ll keep you informed on production timelines and estimated shipping date for an out-of-stock product.

These timeframes are sometimes not fully in our control due to 3rd party dependencies, so note that estimated dates are in no way guaranteed  dates. It is simply the best and most honest information we have at the time.

Payment Methods

Angry Ass Limited accepts payment by:

  • Credit card (Stripe): American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover
  • PayPal

Merchandise Return

All returns must be shipped back to Angry Ass Solutions via prepaid postage. Prior to returning any goods, Buyer must obtain verbal and printed return authorization from Angry Ass Solutions. Returned merchandise must be in as-new condition (in original, uninstalled shape) and in undamaged packaging (so it’s available for immediate resale). Credit will not be issued for any product that has been opened, installed, used, or donkeyed-with in any manner. Such items will be returned to Buyer at Buyer's expense. A restocking fee of 15% may be assessed on any returns, solely at the discretion of Angry Ass Limited.


Monday : 12:00 am – 11:59 pm

Tuesday : 12:00 am – 11:59 pm

Wednesday : You get the picture, we don’t close.  Worst case scenario, leave us a voicemail and we’ll get back to ya.