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S38 Intake Actuator

S38 Intake Actuator


The OEM S38B36/B38 vacuum actuator is no longer available from BMW. This simple device is one of the key components of the variable resonance plenum that gives the S38B36 & S38B38 valuable added power and torque, so we developed a replacement part to fill BMW’s void (no giggling in the back).

  • All new components manufactured in either Germany or the USA

  • MIL-A-8625 Type III hard anodized 6061 aluminum machined rod

  • Self-lubricating rod end (right?!)

  • Modern vacuum diaphragm assembly sourced from BMW’s supplier 

  • Stainless steel mounting bracket with laser etched Angry Ass logo

  • Loctite 242 capsule

  • Pairs well with a Coors Banquet and full throttle, 100X a day

Testing Notes

As E34 M5 drivers ourselves, we won’t release a product until it has passed rigorous testing. In this case, Greg cooked up a testing device to actuate the bejeezus out of an actuator prototype, to the tune of 365,000 actuations. Equating to WOT 100x a day for 10 years, we can only strive to accomplish such epic driving goals in the real world.

Check the test bed out in action on our YouTubes:

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