Angry Ass Solutions

The Asses


The Asses

We are united by the need for manual feedback, mandatory immersion, and quality of engineering in our vehicles.  We take cars apart, drink beer, sometimes put them back together, and drive.  Not in that order.  We are dedicated to the characterful, appreciating, older models that the big shops and tuners left behind.  And we'll be faster, for less.

 Let us know what you need, we're always happy to try and help. 

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Brent Gaudette


You will talk to me.  Tell me your secrets, complaints, and (car) desires.  And no, that was just for Movember.


Nic Cherpelis

Business Development 

S38 toreador and whisperer of marketing magic, his thin blood is more than made up for by his uncanny aptitude in blowing said S38.


Greg Scrivner

Product Development

We keep him stocked with coffee and beer so he can out-engineer the world.  Rated "brilliant but intolerable to work with" by his peers.