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Welcome to Angry Ass Solutions 

Based in Denver, Colorado, we craft custom car parts and offer complete performance solutions for anyone who will pay. If you want to earn points towards a useless, shiny badge by overpaying for a hot air intake, you're in the wrong place.  Don't see what you need? Let us know, we're just getting started!  We'll pour a cold one or brew a hot one, talk things over, and then enable your addiction with world-beating and unpretentious solutions. 



E34 Front Street Brake Upgrade

Our new street brake system for the E34 offers increased thermal capacity, a more performance-oriented bias, and cost-effective consumables: there is no better option!



S38 Secondary Air Injection plates are in - tensioner production starting soon! 

We've finished development and are starting production of the bolt-in 6061 tensioner assembly (to replace that hefty, useless secondary air pump).  Plates and hardware are live, tensioner and belt coming soon!

Check it out on the Parts page.