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Based in Denver, Colorado, we craft custom car parts, and offer complete performance solutions for anyone who will pay. If you're looking for a quick start guide on how to 'mod' your car, or earning points towards a useless badge by overpaying for an intake: you're in the wrong place.  Don't see something you want? Let us know, we'll crack cold ones and fix your shit with world-beating and unpretentious solutions. 



M60/62 Underdrive Pulleys - Prototyping Complete and Coming Soon! 

Replacing your stock M60 and M62 OEM water pump pulley with an OEM, Euro part, and stock power steering pulley with a custom milled and grooved 6061 aluminum part that will be hard black anodized for durability, this kit will spin those accessory pulleys 10-20% slower than stock, reducing engine load while maintaining a safe operating margin.

We don't sell you a belt since your stock 1580mm (US) or 1605mm (Euro) one fits; and we aren't making an expensive, heavy, aluminum water pump pulley like others are, when the Euro part from BMW is lighter and the proper size (117mm vs "other" vendors' 116mm; the U.S.-spec  is 104mm).

For Euro cars, you already have the 117mm pulley, so you just need the single Angry Ass PS pulley!